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About Us

About Us

We don't find a solution. We find the solution.

ISIM BILISIM Consulting, dedicated to the success of clients in both the public and private sectors, is a team of engineers, mathematicians, project managers, data analysts, and experienced business professionals.

Our team thrives on solving complex organizational problems. From management consulting to technology services to data analytics, our clients trust us to find and implement innovative solutions designed to help them meet difficult challenges. And they appreciate the experienced project management that’s woven through all of our services.

How are we different? We understand that people, technology, and processes are at the center of our discovery. So we get to know your organization and culture on a fundamental level. It helps us internalize your problems and bring a fresh perspective to finding solutions.

Our team is full of passionate doers who don’t quit, never settle, and genuinely enjoy our work. Nothing makes us happier than finding the solution—because we only measure our progress using one metric: your success.


Our values are at the center of everything we do. We believe they set us apart and drive our ability to solve difficult problems.

Client Focus

We exist to serve the client. Everything we do is focused on helping them thrive, both as individuals and as an organization. We will always be focused on finding and doing what is best for the client.

Fearless Problem Solving

We solve our clients’ toughest challenges. We don’t stop at the easy answer, but find the best answer. And we can be trusted to deliver, even when the path is not yet clear.

Deep Expertise

Every person at ISIM BILISIM is dedicated to developing deep expertise in our chosen fields. We are intensely curious, driven to deepen our skills and broaden our views. When you hire ISIM BILISIM, you get the best.


We start with people. We seek to deeply and truly understand others, across our clients, our community, and inside ISIM BILISIM. It is this deep understanding that allows us to develop and deliver transformative solutions.


Design Thinking Methodology


Design Thinking is a solution-based approach to problem-solving that emphasizes practical, creative thought with the goal of developing the best possible solution. It’s an excellent methodology when you need to get out of your comfort zone and find non-obvious solutions to difficult problems.

At ISIM BILISIM, we understand that behind every business problem there is a person who is experiencing the challenge firsthand. That’s why our approach to design thinking starts and ends with being empathetic and putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients, so we understand exactly what they’re going through.

Design Thinking is ingrained in our culture at ISIM BILISIM. It affects our internal processes and our approach to every challenge we face. We also pass this way of thinking on to our clients by training them to be fearless problem-solvers or facilitating sessions. Design thinking is key to innovation, and it’s one of the most powerful tools that we—and our clients—have when it comes to solving challenging problems.


Our Partners

ISIM BILISIM provides award-winning IT consulting and technology implementation services to our clients, taking a business-first approach to understand the needs and desired outcomes before determining the best technology solution. We’ve developed partnerships with world-class companies to offer our clients expanded technology solutions and resources to ensure that we’re providing the best possible solutions to meet their needs.

Partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies ensure that our team has access to best-in-class resources to further development of deep expertise and provide the most advantageous pricing for our clients.



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